Vinification and ageing cellars.

Baglio di Pianetto vinifies its grapes in the same area where they are grown. Both in the Pianetto Estate near Palermo and in Contrada Baroni in Val di Noto, the newly harvested grapes are immediately brought to the cellars to undergo the stemming, pressing and winemaking treatments.
In Pianetto, the cellar has been designed to meet an essential principle of the production philosophy envisioned by Count Paolo Marzotto: protecting the integrity of raw materials of absolute excellence and optimizing all available natural resources. It is a high-rise cellar, which uses gravity to drastically reduce the use of pumps for the movement of musts and wines.

Temperature regulation in the processing areas is achieved using the natural insulation provided by the rock and earth that surround the various underground storeys. In the depths of the hill – at 32 meters below ground – are located the barrique and bottle cellars. High technological control ensures the monitoring of every step of the winemaking process, minimizing the need for corrective action.

In the Baroni estate, the first winemaking of the harvested grapes is carried out on site. The wine, is then transported to Pianetto where it is left to age in vats or barriques, and is then bottled and packaged.
Marketing, however, only takes place once the required ageing time has allowed the wine to reach its full expressive maturity, elegance and complexity: red wines, for example, are aged in the cellar for as long as six or seven years before they can be sold, further proof that care and lack of hurry are the secrets to a great wine.